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So, this is me - Ribbons-Of-Scarlet.

My webpage is an outlet for all things I find interesting, so come in, take a seat and join me on this journey through my mind.

I am an avid Gamer, though not a largely skilled one. I love playing computer games, whether it's on the PlayStation or PC they are my escape from the everyday. I love being able to involve myself in a world that isn't mine. I can be whatever I want to be - A sole survivor, just looking for my son and doing whatever necessary to find him, or a family of aliens in the Sims.

In addition to computer games, I also have an interest in learning electronics and coding, over the coming months/year I will be following a UK curriculum based coding program using a FUZE kit purchased from Maplin prior to its demise in 2018.

Hopefully following the program set out in the FUZE kit sets me well on my way to producing a control panel for my PC. Originally I was aiming to produce a control panel for the game Elite Dangerous, as there are more key binds than my tiny mind can comprehend. I have lost interest in the game over the last 12 months as I couldn’t play regularly so keep missing out on storylines and find it difficult to grind for materials and money. Recently though I have started streaming/recording my gameplay, so would like to make something similar to the Elgato Streamdeck, but with push buttons rather than a fancy touch screen.

In addition to all this, I will also aim to provide reviews on anything I purchase for my gaming, electrical learning journey, or whatever else I feel people will be interested in.


I look forward to seeing you around…..oh and don't be scared to drop me a line if you have any suggestions.

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