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Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned pro, you will undoubtedly have heard the word SPECIAL.

For the newbies among you SPECIAL is an acronym for your attributes, these being;


This is your physical power, having a higher strength attribute means you will be able to carry more and hit harder, whilst a low strength will obviously reduce the amount you can carry and how hard you hit. 


This skill increases your awareness of enemies the higher it is. Additionally the higher your perception the greater your accuracy in VATS.


This is how physically fit you are. The higher your level of endurance the more Health Points you have, the higher your resistance to disease and the less action points consumed when running.



This is your ability to sweet talk and schmooze with people and vendors. The higher your charisma the better your prices will be when bartering, and the more assistance you can provide others with when working in a team.



This skill is directly responsible for your ability when it comes to hacking terminals, and resulting condition and durability of items you craft. 


This is how quickly your reflexes are. It directly relates to the number of Action Points you have available. It also determines your sneak ability. The higher your Agility the more action points you have, the more shots you can fire in VATS


This is how lucky you are, a high luck will increase the refresh rate of critical hits, it can also improve the condition of items you find on your travels. 

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