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Fallout 76 - Game Info

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In the year 2076, Vault 76 opened its doors for the first time since construction to celebrate the tricentennial of the United States. This Vault was intended to be one of Vault-Tecs 17 control vault located across the United States. It was built to house 500 of the country's best and brightest, chosen from all walks of life. All Vault 76 residents were highly accomplished in their own rights and possessed the necessary skills required to rebuild the country following total atomic annihilation.

On October 23rd 2077 at 9:42am Nuclear Strikes on New York and Pennsylvania were confirmed, Vault 76 doors sealed the residents against any outside threat, and provided them with the tools and knowledge to do what was necessary when the day came.


That day came on October 23rd 2102, twenty five years since the Nuclear Strikes on the US, Reclamation Day! It is on this day that all residents of Vault 76 will leave and begin their task of Rebuilding the commonwealth. Each Vault dweller will have to choose whether to go it alone or join up with their fellow dwellers to explore the wasteland, rebuild society and triumph.


What type of Vault Dweller are you…..

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