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Lets Play Fallout 76

George II

It is the 23rd October 2102, and I am feeling a little tender, the party last night was insane! One last knees up before the doors open to the whole world out there and we all set off on our own adventures to rebuild and fix the mess caused when the bombs dropped 25 years ago.

I was born in the vault so never got a chance to see what the world looked like before, but I have seen pictures, and had to endure many an evening listening to the older residents and my parents reminisce.

I was born 14th March 2080, to two amazing people; my Mum, Gina was a celebrated historian. My Dad, George, was a Tinkerer, he was forever taking things apart and putting stuff back together. Though successful in their own right, together they were a force to be reckoned with. It is through them that I have a love for exploration, finding out what happened, how things go together and why.

The last 22 years of my life I have spent training for the task of rebuilding. I know how to cook in a survival situation using only wood, water and rat meat. I have been taught the basics of using a gun, making

common types of ammunition, and how to throw a knife. I also understand the art of scavenging. I can turn the common desk lamp and a few other oddities into a pistol, or a chest piece.

As I stumble up from my bed, I take my Pipboy 2000 out of its holder and begin Reclamation day. I am ready to take on whatever necessary. Stepping out of my room the dulcet tones of the overseer can be heard over the tannoy system in the Vault. She explains how she has already left with her own task to do in Appalachia.

It’s strange to think I will never be able to come back here, the only place I have ever called home. My parents didn’t make it to reclamation day, so I will be doing this alone, I am scared….but I’m ready, ready to do them proud!

Walking through the vault I say 'Bye' to the Mr Handys who have been my friends, my confidants, my teachers. I welcome their words of encouragement, and the friendly reminders of all I have learned during my time in Vault 76.

  1. Stay hydrated

  2. Health and medication

  3. Power is Key

  4. Join a Team

  5. Camping Made Easy

  6. Get a Job

Before I walk out of this Vault forever, I step into the Overseers office. I spent many hours sat here as I grew up. Whether it be for discipline, or because I achieved something great. I can’t help but feel a wave of sadness as I realise this will be the last time I will ever see any of this, ever feel the comfort of familiarity. Through that wave of sadness however I am overcome with a feeling of curiosity - what is the overseers mission? Can I help? How will I change what is left of the world for the better.

Sitting down at her terminal I read through her reports and take the holotape she left. Her mission, it seems was to find and secure three nuclear silos, code named Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. I think about the Overseer and wonder if she made it that far, if she managed to succeed at all.


The time has come for me to do as she did and leave Vault 76 to fulfil my role in life...

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