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It's been a year since the doors of Vault 76 opened, a year since you first glimpsed the harsh realities of life on the outside. Appalachia was a desolate wasteland, but now, people are returning. With hopes of finding a safe haven, of finding treasure, or reclaiming what they believe to be rightfully theirs. Either way you will need some conversational prowess, or a quick trigger finger to get ahead of the game and get to know your neighbours. 

Its not only people returning to the region that you need to be wary of, but new creatures aswell. These new creatures include the Wendigo Colossus, Wendigo Spawn, and three different types of Floater -The Chomper, The Flamer and The Freezer.

Going forward skills checks will help (or hinder) you when it comes to speaking with the returning NPC's, all decisions you make will have consequences, they will help you forge alliances or prove you to be a Royal Pain in the Rump!

Of the people returning to Appalachia there are two major factions; The Raiders and The Settlers, and 6 minor factions; Blue Ridge Caravan Company, Blood Eagles, Cult of the Mothman, Gourmands, Secret Service and the Free Radicals. It is unknown at this time whether the Free States will make an appearance so watch this space!!

You will be able to forge an alliance with The Raiders and The Settlers, but only to a point, when you must choose a side. Until such a time a decision needs making you can take advantage of the new Reputation system implemented as part of the Wastelanders update. 

There are 7 levels or reputation which you need to navigate if you want to peruse the better good on offer from faction aligned merchants. These levels include, Hostile, Cautious, Neutral, Friendly and Ally. At this point in time I believe you can be aligned with both factions at the same time, but when the storyline requires, you will need to choose a side. Fence sitting is not an option!!

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